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Why Brake Repair and Services Are Important?

You're driving along and suddenly hear a loud screeching noise. You pull over to the side of the road and realize that your car's brake pads are gone.

If this happens, you're in big trouble. Not only is it unsafe to drive without brake pads, but you could also end up with a hefty fine. We have devised this simple guide to explain why it is important to have your brakes serviced regularly.


Getting your car checked out by a professional mechanic at least once a year is recommended. But what do you do if your car's brakes start making strange noises? There are a number of possible causes for this that may be addressed by a qualified technician.

Cars with poor brakes, such as those that are worn, loose, or of low quality, might also have trouble steering, which can lead to accidents. To keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road, service your car brakes regularly.

Avoid Higher Maintenance Cost

If you take care of your brakes, they can go 70,000 miles before needing to be replaced. Brakes are designed to last for at least 50,000 miles but wear and tear caused by things like weather, heavy use, and careless driving can render them useless in as little as 25,000.

When little problems occur with your brakes during their lifespan, you may be able to get them fixed for cheap if you know what to look out for and get them checked whenever you get periodic maintenance done.

Your brakes may last longer if you do things like replacing the surface of your brake rotors. In contrast, if you put off maintenance until it's too late, you'll have to buy new brakes sooner rather than later.

Better Handling

Handling a car through tight turns can be tricky, even for experienced drivers. But responsive brakes can make the task much easier.

By automatically adjusting braking pressure to account for changes in speed and road conditions, responsive brakes help ensure that your vehicle can slow down or stop quickly when necessary.

Moreover, regular service by an authorized dealer can further improve your vehicle’s handling by keeping the brakes in good condition.

As a result, making sure your vehicle has responsive brakes, and regular brake service can help you enjoy the road more by giving you greater confidence in your car’s handling.

Inspection Requirements

Brake systems must be inspected at least every 12 months, according to most state laws. The inspection should include a check of the following:

  • Brake lines and hoses for leaks, cracks, chafing, or deterioration.
  • Brake pads or shoes for wear and proper operation.
  • Discs or drums for scoring or warping.
  • Calipers and wheel cylinders for leaks.

If any of these components are not working properly, they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Failing to do so could result in brake failure, which could lead to an accident.


Brake repair and services are important for a number of reasons. Not only do brakes keep you safe on the road, but they can also help you save money in the long run. At Euro Car Doctor, we have ASE-certified professionals that can help you to maintain the health of your brakes in the long run.

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